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Kitchener - A metropolitan city located to the south west of Ontario is classified among the top five large cities of the region. It has a large population of 204, 668 people who belong to diverse cultures but show a unique kind of unity.

Placed among other popular metros like the Cambridge and Waterloo the city is a major attraction for travellers and visitors.

First Class Limousine Services at Kitchener

We have a good fleet of your favourite Limos for your use especially in Kitchener. You may be interested to go around the city to have a taste of the cultural differences and the lush green foliage or for a special social or personal event. Our Limos are always ready to be booked.

Our Fleet

We have special Limos for Kitchener Wedding Limo Services, special because we want our client to have a memorable wedding. Other than Wedding Limo Services Kitchener we also serve a number of your Limo needs such as for social events, night outs, parties, corporate events and so on.

Our fleet has almost all kinds of Limousine that you may come across. For Kitchener Wedding Limo Services we have the stretch Limos that would make a great impression on your guests.

Other vehicles also decorate our fleet like the Sedans, Limo Buses, and Hummer Limos etc.

Services Offered

Kitchener Wedding Limo Services are our key focus at Kitchener, apart from that we also serve for local trips such as the sightseeing in and around Kitchener, Birthday Parties, social Events, Night Galas, airport and Corporate Services.

Limos have a special quality of making your travel the best and memorable one. Your sightseeing trip would be more comfortable and enjoyable when your body is completely relaxed. Your visual sense cope up more and you could have a heavenly feeling even when you have to travel for long hours.

Let us bring your privileged business clients to your place in style and comfort, any business deal would be a sure success. A relaxed mind is of course a happy one. Your pleased client would be more cordial and workable when we drop them at your place safely.

Night Outs, School Proms and Sports Events

Make your first date romantic using our First Class Limos to take your dear one to your favourite destination. Our drivers have the magic of adding glamour to your important occasions. For romantic dinners you would find a bouquet of flowers placed at the back before time, giving you a good start of your date.

Want to have fun with a little savings in your purse during a night out?

Well, we have the right solution in our Limo services. You could book out SUV limos that can accommodate 14 to 20 people. The most attractive part of the offer is the inbuilt services that we provide for group travellers. Fully equipped bars with varietal drinks, sound system that matches a disco floor, DVDs and CDs, Fibre optics enhanced lights which gives special light shows make you begin your fun right as you start your trip.

To add to your fun we have drivers who know the right directions and can find a parking space with less difficulty. You would not have any matter to worry, just climb in and forget our work pressures or any other troubles.

Personal Travels and Social Events

You can enter a social event in style and confidence when you have the assurance of stepping down from a trendy Limo safely. Well, this is what our Limo services do for you exactly.

Your personal trips namely for a social galas or a milestone birthday party and so on can be made even more impressive when planned and executed in a better manner. We at First Class Limo Services make it our duty to satisfy our customers to the core and leave no stone unturned to accomplish this.

Imagine a Birthday party, be it for your child or your own milestone birthday, held in a moving bus. Yes, you have read it rightly; we make it possible for you to hold a birthday party in a Limo. Our Limo Buses have the capacity to accommodate 50 people at a time.

You can comfortably move around too. Holding a birthday party in a limo makes it comfortable for both your guests and you. Your guests can be picked up from their doorsteps and dropped back too safely. The enhancement features such as sound and lighting give you the effect of any disco floor.

Safety Features

It is imperative that a company that offers services like that of Limo Travel abides by all rules and also makes every effort to ensure the safety of their passengers. We take enough care about the condition of our vehicles and also the drivers who drive them.

All our Limos are serviced at regular intervals and are maintained in their best conditions. They are also insured against accidents. Our chauffeurs are checked periodically and are trained well to conduct themselves when accompanying the clients. They also are given a brief history of the place they are taking their clients so that they can pass on the information to the clients.

Special Kitchener Wedding Limo Services

Wedding services is our main focus and hence you can expect the greatest level of Kitchener Wedding Limo Services from us.

We take care of every aspect of the wedding services from the vehicle to the chauffeur who drives them. Our Wedding Limo Services Kitchener encompasses a large variety of Limos that once selected for your wedding would be serviced and decorated according to your choice.

Our chauffeurs are completely uniformed and wear tuxedos and white glove to give the completion and classy look.

Wedding Limo Services Kitchener excels in customer care. When you book our Limo for your wedding, we ensure that the route through which we take you is prefixed and has been checked for availability of emergency requirements. Our chauffeurs politely would ask you if you are ready for the trip and then take you to the destination in time and style.

You might have the confidence that is much required for the ceremony and reach the destination time. The red carpet welcome in itself has created magic to a number of our clients.

We know that people want to have a different feeling from what they have experienced earlier, when they book a Limo. Thus to create the difference we have enhanced all our limos with facilities such as DVDs and CDs, flashy fibre optic lighting, digital sound systems, light and sound shows and so on so that you may be entertained all through the travel.


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